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In-Ear Headphones Although small in size, Antec Mobile Products’ (a.m.p.) dBs in-ear headphones pack a mighty punch. The dBs’ Extra-large, high-efficiency drivers and extreme performance cables provide an exceptional, crystal clear, zero-loss audio experience that eliminates the distortion normally found at peak volume levels. Furthermore, the braided, nylon-coated cables allow full flexibility while reducing tangles and knots. Includes three different sized, ergonomically-designed in-ear cushions to ensure the perfect fit for prolonged use. Best of all, dBs is available in your choice of 5 different color combinations. Color: dBs dBs dBs dBs
dBs Color: dBs dBs dBs dBs


  • dBs™Revolutionary proprietary high-response driver technology delivers ultimate clarity and intelligently enhances bass - giving you that extra BUMP when you need it.

  • Full Range ReproductionExtra large, high-efficiency drivers provide an exceptional audio experience while eliminating the distortion found at peak volume levels.

  • Superior Noise SuppressionErgonomically-designed, in-ear cushions block out external noise pollution and provide an unparalleled audio experience while staying put.

  • Tangle Free Nylon DesignNylon-coated lines allow full flexibility while reducing tangles and knots.

  • Extreme Performance CableProvides crystal clear sound and zero-loss audio reproduction while eliminating electronic interference.

  • Sturdy-Lightweight ConstructionAdvanced engineering ensures durability and comfort for prolonged daily use.


Speaker10 mm

Impedance32 Ohms 15% at 1kHZ 1volt

Sensitivity98dB3dB at 1KHz 1mW

Frequency Response20Hz ~ 20KHz

Speaker PowerDefault 1mW, maximum 5mW

Weight15 g (with cord)

Cable Length120 cm

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