In the event that your faulty unit is approved for an RMA replacement, Antec USA offers the following replacement options for U.S. Customers:

Advance RMA - This RMA is like purchasing a replacement, once you have your RMA number, give us a call so we can process your order with your credit card. It takes 24 hours to process your credit card, usually the following day; your replacement unit will get shipped. Once you have received your replacement unit, you install it and do a 24 hour stress test to make sure that the unit we sent you is in top working condition. If everything is good to go, send us the defective unit, by the time we have received your defective unit in our shop, usually it take 3-4 business days to process your refund. So whatever charges that was made on your credit card that will be refunded back.

* Advance RMA only available with proof of purchase provided.*

** Please note that any expedited shipping will be at your own expense. Antec will cover up to $15.00 USD in shipping costs. **

Standard RMA-This RMA processing time usually take 2-3 weeks depending how fast we receive your defective unit. Once you have your RMA number, send us the defective unit and once we've received that defective unit, we sent you the replacement. On the replacement, you might see the message on our RMA department as the unit being replaced as Refurbished. These units are brand new, we just opened them and we did a stress test to make sure that these are in working condition.

At this time, we are not taking Advance RMA orders for Canada customers due to our use of a third-party distributor handling RMA shipments in Guelph, ON. If you require faster replacement options, please mention it in your support ticket and we will accommodate your needs to the best of our ability.