Disclosure of RMA and Warranty Policy for international customers 

The Antec North America support team is happy to assist international customers who have purchased an Antec product from a US retailer. International customers may be subject to customs duties, import taxes, and shipping fees. These fees are the sole responsibility of the customer (fees may vary). To avoid international customs and shipping fees, we highly recommend that you purchase your items in the region nearest you. Please visit the http://store.antec.com/wtbuy to find the retailer in your specific location, or contact the Antec Support Team for further assistance.

  • This mentions that international customers may be subject to customs duties and import taxes. I would advise them to check with their local customs policies in order to minimize any customs fees.

Avoiding Duties on Replacement Parts

Here are a few suggestions to avoid payment of duties on warranty replacement items.:

Work with a reputable customs broker in the buyer's country to identify the options in the buyer's country. They may discover that the buyer can register the faulty product with their government prior to export and return in order to obtain a refund of duties on the item being exported.

Establish an internal procedure at the exporter's facility to ensure that there are appropriate instructions for international transactions embedded into the Materials Return Instruction/Authorization sent by the U.S. firm to the foreign buyer.

At time of export of the warranty replacement goods from the U.S., be sure that the documentation includes the following details and other relevant information specific to the product, such as serial numbers:

  • The original sale reference numbers;
  • That this is a replacement being sent at no charge;
  • The true value of the good;
  • Any import license numbers;
  • Any registration numbers;
  • A letter of credit number;
  • The original bill of lading number for shipment of the original item; and
  • If possible, the original import clearance number with corresponding detail required by the importer's country.
  • Source: http://www.shippingsolutions.com/blog/the-proper-valuation-of-parts-replaced-under-warranty