Please ensure that you have charged your Bluetooth receiver for approx. 2.5 hours, before using the product.


· Red light flashing 2 times = LOW BATTERY

· Red light = CHARGING


· Flashing Red and Blue light = PAIRING MODE

· Blue light rapid flashing = DEVICE CONNECTED

PAIRING YOUR DEVICE with your phone

NOTE: The device CANNOT be charging and pairing at the same time. Please disconnect the USB charger cable before pairing the device

1. Turn ON your Bluetooth settings on your phone

2. Using the Bluetooth device, Press and HOLD the PLAY/PAUSE button until it flashes BLUE and RED***

  • Your device is now in PAIRING MODE

3. Using your phone, SCAN for Bluetooth devices, and select Smartbean

4. If a pass code is required, enter 0000

***the unit will blink blue a couple times before it blinks blue and red, be sure not to release the Play/Pause button until the unit is flashing both BLUE and RED.

Unfortunately that manual is the only copy we have.