Pairing to your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device 

1. Activate the Bluetooth speaker's pairing mode by having the unit completely powered off, then pressing and holding the ON/OFF button for 6 seconds or so until the red LED and the blue LED are flashing alternately. The speaker is now in pairing mode. Note: Please ensure the speaker is in power off mode prior to trying to activate pairing mode. 

2. Turn on your mobile phone or other Bluetooth device and activate the Bluetooth function. 

3. Search for Bluetooth devices. AMP Spot will show up. 

4. Pair your device with AMP Spot. If a password is requested, type in “0000”. 

5. Once AMP Spot is paired with your device, connect it to your device. 

6. Note: Once this speaker is paired and connected to your mobile phone, next time you switch on this speaker, it will automatically connect to your phone as long as the Bluetooth functionality on your mobile phone is switched on.