Here is a link on how to pair your sugar cube.

Your sugar cube comes with the following

behind the Sugar Cube Speakers, you'll find the connectors

Bottom of the speakers, you'll find the power switch

When Pairing the device, make sure you turn on the speakers by sliding the switch to the on position

Once the Sugar Cube is on, this will automatically starts broadcasting the signal and you'll see a BLUE LED will start flashing rapidly

Go to your device and start to scan if it will pick up the signal from the Sugar Cube

Once you've picked up the signal, go ahead and pair the device

Once it's paired, you'll see the Blue LED on the speaker would flash slowly and you should see the device on your mobile device

When plugging it directly using 3.5 Auxiliary

NOTE: Once the 3.5 Auxiliary cable is plugged into the Sugar Cube, the Bluetooth capability is disabled. Make sure you remove the 3.5 Auxiliary cable if you will switch to Bluetooth, the bluetooth would not work with the cable attached to the speaker.

Yes! The Sugar Cube can be operational when charging

If you have issues with the device, please feel free to contact our Tech support 800-222-6832, they are on the phone from 10:30AM-3PM Monday to Friday Pacific Time or you can e-mail themĀ [email protected]

Thank you