GLYDR has you covered


Protect your favorite gadgets the smart way. GLYDR’s innovative tray and roll-on application system is all you need to achieve professional results in just a few steps. Just place your phone into the precision-cut try, snap the screen protector into the roller, and use the roller to glide on your screen protector. The screen protector is made of a durable PET polyester film that’s tested for tensile strength and gives ultimate protection from dust, damage, and scratches, while preserving screen sensitivity. The anti-microbial coating is fingerprint resistant and features high-definition clarity that lets your screen shine through. GLYDR takes all the guess work out of putting your screen protector on, it automatically aligns and gets it right, every time. A perfectly protected screen, applied in record time with professional results- GLYDR has you covered.

“This is only compatible with Iphone 5/5S”

What's inside the box


High-definition clarity

Error-free aplication tray ensures perfect alignment

2.5x smoother than plastic

Case Friendly

Instant bubble-free application

Preserves screen sensitivity

Long-lasting adhesive

Clear PET Polyester Film