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Dual Port USB Car Charger


Pull out all the stops with Antec’s 2-Port USB Car Charger. Designed with one 2.1A USB port and one 1A USB port, the 2-Port USB Car Charger can easily and quickly charge a Tablet such as the iPad® and Smartphone such as the iPhone® simultaneously in your car. As the 12V power provided by car batteries is known to fluctuate wildly, the Portable 2-Port USB Car Charger is equipped with an easy-to-replace, in-line fuse that protects your devices from the dangers of over voltages, short circuits and more. Charge your devices while staying on the go with Antec’s Portable 2-Port USB Car Charger.

What's inside the box


DC input : 10.8 Vdc-18 Vdc

DC output : 5V

USB output : 1x2.1A / 1x1A

Total output wattage : 15W / 3A

Protection : Over Voltage Protection, Short Circuit Protection, Over Current Protection, Over Power Protection, Over Temperature Protection