16500 mAh Jumpstarter Kit

Never Have a Dead Battery Again


The 16500 mAh mini Jumpstarter Kit is designed to safely and easily jumpstart your car, motorcycle, ATV, boat or anything that would possibly need a quick jump. Convenient and easy to use, the Jumpstarter features a collection of intelligent sensors to make jumpstarting your vehicle as foolproof and simple as possible, so you can get back on the road quickly. Simply hook the clamps to your battery, press the button, and start your vehicle. The included air compressor means you'll always be prepared, whether it's inflating your car tires, bike tires, or pumping an air mattress while camping.

When you’re on the go, our the Jumpstarter can also charge your laptop and USB accessories. With a fast-charging, 2.1A USB port, universal mobile device charging cable and eight detachable laptop connectors, almost any kind of mobile device or laptop can stay up and running.

What's inside the box


Out voltage at auto start end : 12V

Output voltage : 19V/16V/12V

USB Output : 5V/2.1A

Charge mode : CC/CV 15V/1A

Start current : 300A

Peak current : 600A(3S)

Cycle life : 1,000 times

Capacity : 16500mAh/61.05WH

Operating temperature range : -4ºF~140ºF

Size : 7.3x3.3x1.7”